NodCMS based applications

What is NodCMS and what are NodCMS based applications.

NodCMS project as a web CMS application started on Apr 12, 2015, as public on GitHub. NodCMS supposed to be an uncomplicated, powerful, flexible, and multilingual CMS(Content Management System), for end users and developers.

Even I stopped to make all updates public on GitHub since 2016, but after this years NodCMS become a powerful web application core to build a different type of web applications.  

For the end users(such as business owners, artists, trainers, bloggers, and etc.) NodCMS could be a wonderful choice because of simplicity and the low price to pay a developer to keep it up to date.

All NodCMS based applications are multilingual and integrable with PayPal payment APIs, Google ReCaptcha APIs.

More information about the public version of NodCMS you can find on

Technical info

NodCMS powered with PHP & popular PHP framework Codeigniter and working whit MySQL database. So you need a server or a host that supports PHP & MySQL to install NodCMS based applications.

Now NodCMS has many libraries, functions, and core codes that can be used for every kind of web applications. Also, I planned to make public a new version of NodCMS for free and a professional version to sell.

For Codeigniter fans, NodCMS is the best choice because all things are where they supposed to be very clear and clean.

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