Online payment on website

How to have online payment on my website, and how to get paid online on my website.

Definitely, you have the experience to buy something (like flight tickets, applications, e-book, and etc.) on the internet. And you know that there are different types of payments such as PayPal, bank payment, credit card payment, google pay, apple pay, and etc.

To get paid from your customers on your online shop, online store, service center, or website you need a connection between your customer's bank and your bank. Bank connections to make a transaction is a service offering by a payment provider. A payment provider can be a bank, a government organization, or even private companies.

Nowadays there are a significant number of payment providers exists over the internet. Online payment providers offering their client an account with access to their API center. With an API(Application Programming Interface) access, your website will connect programmatically to the payment provider server to make a transaction.

So to get paid on your website you have to register on one of those payment providers.

For a small business, there is a lot of issues to get an online payment service from many payment providers. But some of the payment providers made it easy to reach their services to small business, and even a single person.

Most popular payment providers are PayPal and Stirpe. On these payment providrers, there aren’t many necessary conditions. You need only have a bank account. Then you can get your API connections data from the provider and give it to your web developer, or set in your web application.

NodPay is a simple web application to get paid from your customers using PayPal gateway provider.

Here you can see our other web applications that let you get paid from your customers.

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