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NodShop is an online shop web application. A solution to make your unique multilingual online store easy and fast.
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NodShop is an online shop web application. A solution to make your unique multilingual online store easy and fast.

NodShop can be used for any type of online shops, online stores, online bookstores, or any other webshops. Whit NodShop you can sell any file and nun-file products to your international customers.

NodShop is a featured online shop

NodShop is a web application that you can install on your web host or server and use it as an online shop, online store, online bookstore or any other webshops.


As an international online shop, you may have the feature to provide your online store in many languages. NodShop is a powerful multilingual webshop that you can add all your provide languages on one platform and manage all languages parts together in one admin panel.

In NodShop, you can find the tools to translate and edit all static text on your online shop.

To make any new page on your online store, you will see separate text fields to put your page title, page description, page keyword, and content of your online shop in many languages that you set before.

Online payment solutions

A good online shop supposed to have some online payment solutions. On NodShop online stores, you will be able to active PayPal payment, and all Stripe payment methods.

You need only register on and/or, get your connection information, and put them in your NodShop online shop. Online payment will be ready to use. You will pay for each purchase on your online shop within a payment statistics, gateway fee calculation, and bill and invoices.

Online shop automatically shipping (removed)

NOTE: This feature has been removed for the production version. It may publish as an extra module or add in the feature versions.

As a professional online shop, you may want to calculate the shipping fee and set all shipping requests automatically. For this reason, NodShop using Shippo API to connect to Shippo to handle the shipping fees and requests. As an online payment solution, there is a shipping provider to handle your online shop shipping on your webshop. You need only make an account on, get connection information, and put them in your NodShop online store. NodShop will calculate shipping fees before purchase and add the fee on the customer invoice.

Online store to sell files

If you provide digital products, that your customers can download them over the internet, you may want to have an online store to see files. With the NodShop, you will be able to sell your file products such as e-books or audiobooks, photos, software, music, or any other files.

Convert website to online shop

Many persons or businesses already have a website and they want to add an online shop on their websites. Some peepul for many reasons doesn’t want to change their website completely.

NodShop has a powerful feature to put a shopping cart, add to shopping cart buttons, and buy now buttons on your exists website or weblog. So you can convert your exists website to become an online shop.

Secure web store

NodShop has a feature to active google invisible reCaptcha to stop bad robots to fill the forms on your online shop. A captcha helps you to stop spam requests.

Online shop with CMS features

NodShop has some CMS features to be a full online shop website. On NodShop online store you have a feature to write articles for your online shop users.

There is even a feature to write your website rolls and make your customers accept them with any form submissions.

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