Quick Start

NodShop - Online Shop

NodShop is very easy to use. All things you should mather on your online shop are in your admin sidebar.

There is a checklist that helps you to know what exactly to do to get start your online shop using NodShop:

  1. Install NodShop using the installation wizard or manual way.
  2. Change the admin password of your online shop.
  3. Set the languages of your online shop.
  4. Set the settings of your online shop.
  5. Set online payment APIs connections(If you want to have online payments on your online shop).
  6. Set your online shipping APIs connections(If you want to manage your shipping automatically and get paid the shipping fee on sells).
  7. Add your online store products in Store->Store Items to sell.
  8. Put your online shop shortcodes from Shipping Cart on your exists website(If you have already a website and you want to make your website like an online shop).


If you got any problem or issue with the installation or usage of the NodShop, just contact us from our support center.