Chic Theme Support Center

Support Center help us to have a quick, fast, complete and safe contact.

If you have any issue or problem with the products, please fill the below form.

Please don't make duplicate requests of a same issues. Keep the conversation in one case.

Is this safe?

ChicTheme support center is completely safe. We would keep your personal data hidden, and would not publish you info any way.

We just keep this information to keep our easy and fast contact, to find out the solution in shortest time as possible.

How can send log files?

You can so easy just open the log files as a text and copy them in the "Explain issue".

What are the log files?

Your system errors would be save an some files(called log).

Where are the log files on our products?

In NodAPS the log files would save in a name like this: log-yyyy-mm-dd.php(yyyy= 4 Digit year, mm = 2 digit Month, dd = 2 digit Day)
You can find the log files on your host [YOUR ROOT]/nodcms/logs/.