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About Mojtaba Khodakhah

Mojtaba Khodakhah

I am Mojtaba Khodakhah with 9 years of experience in web developing and PHP programming in different companies and also as self-employed. Since 2016 I have been producing web products and selling them on Evento Market.

I'm based in Vienna and continue the high quality of PHP programming, web-design, and web developing, under the business name "Chic Theme".

My mission is to keep my products up-to-date, producing more Web products, Websites and Web applications which You ask for.

Chic-Theme Web-Apps

Mojtaba Khodakhah with the nickname of "Chic-Theme" is the owner(programmer, designer) of the bellow web-applications on Evento Market website.

Appointment Management System

NodAPS is a multilingual and multi-provider "Appointment Management System" or "Time Booking System", it helps You to manage Your appointments with customers.

NodAPS Payments

NodAPS payment is an add-on for NodAPS(Appointment Management System) to online get paid for a request. PayPal API is included. Add other APIs are posible.

Business Contact Manager

The business contact manager is a contact form generator with some simple and practical features to easily manage your contacts with your customers.

NodPay - Online Payment App

NodPay is a Web-App, a solution to set some fees to make an online payment for your customers. Your custemrs will receive an invoice and after payment a bill.


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