Quick Start

Business Contact Manager

There are just 3 quick steps to start with Business Contact Manager

  1. Installation:
    • You need just upload the "BCM" directory in your host then open your root whit a browser to start the installation wizard. Now you need just follow the installation wizard steps.
    • There is also another way to install if the wizard wouldn't work. The manual installation has been described in the installation.
  2. Setup the system:
    • It's so important, after the first login you need to change the admin password. You can also change the name and email of the admin. (By default it has been my name and email set)
    • You shall set also your business name, site title, logo, and etc. in settings from Settings->General 
  3. Build your contact forms:
    • There isn't any contact form as default. So you need to set your first form after installing the Business Contact Manager
    • Just click go to Contacts->Contact forms and click on "+ Add", then enter a name, a URI(the unique word that will display in URL of the form), choose an icon, and set another option for your contact form then click on the submit. Then, if you want to add more fields as default on your form click on continue.
    • By default, each form has 3 fields to submission to your customers. Email, Name, and Message.
    • To add a select box on your form submission, you need to set a list from Contacts->Lists before.

Now you are ready to get submissions. You can check and manage your submissions on Contacts->Requests