NodAPS Payments

NodAPS Payments User Guide

Thank you for purchasing NodAPS Payments. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here

1. Installation 2. Update 3. Configuration 4. Management

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In this document, you will know how to install NodAPS Payments, how you can config and manage it. There is 4 section.

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IMPORTANT NodAPS Payments in an add-on for NodAPS. If you didn't purchase NodAPS, you can not use NodAPS Payments. Purchase NodAPS

Installation steps:

  1. Extract your downloaded file.
  2. Copy all files and directories from NodAPS-Payments and paste in your root directory.
  3. Set your PayPal account info: choose a provider, then find PayPal in [Provider_name]->Payments->Connections
  4. Now you can change Payment Type in a provider Page settings. You can set it on the Online payment required, Online payment optional or No need to payment

This version update is the same as installation.

Updates & Change

This version of Payments has completely different codes from the last version. In this version with help a PHP developer who has PHP knowledge, you can add more getaways to it.
There is an "add-getaway-manual.php" file to help you add more getaways.

After you install through the admin panel to set the following items.

  1. Choose a provider
  3. Payments->Connections ->PayPal
    • Payment Currency
    • PayPal UserID
    • PayPal Password
    • PayPal Signature
  4. Edit Page settings

    There is a field in Page settings that you can choose your provider payment status

    • No need to online payment
    • Online payment required
    • Online payment optional

After installation, you will see a new item(Payments) in your sidebar. In this menu, you will display all your successfully Payments.

Each provider will have this menu.

If you open an appointment in full option view mode, you will see related payment record in it.