In NodAPS, you can create an arbitrary number of providers, if your business have separate parts and you want to keep them in a single system. A provider means, a page with own details, settings, services, calendars, managers and appointment requests.

To better understand NodAPS providers, take a look at the NodAPS feature structure.

NodAPS feature structure

There is an option to help you to config your NodAPS. You can find it in your top bar.

After you install through the admin panel to set the following items.

  1. Settings
  2. Languages
  3. Providers
  4. Services
  5. Work Program
  6. Holidays
  7. Extra fields
  8. Members (if you want add some another administrator)
  9. Account settings

1. Settings

In settings page you have 8 taps:

  • General

    • Company name: the name that will show in title
    • Logo: your logo image
    • Fav Icon: the smoll icon in browser title
    • Display search box: if you set this option "On" in the homepage(Multi-Provider mode) you will have a title box.
    • Page title: homepage title
    • Page description: homepage description
    • Page keywords: homepage keywords
  • Advance

    • Simple Mode: if you set this option "On" then just your default provider will be available.
    • Active Registration: if you set this option "Off" then register for in frontend will be unavailable.
    • Display Price Format: you can select your price display format
    • Currency Sign: you can put your currency sign in it(Example: $, € or other chars like EURO)
    • Currency Sign Position: you can choose your currency sign position for a price(Before sign or After it)
    • Add on scripts: Add some script at end of your all html documents(Such as analytics tools).
    • Pre footer: if you set this option "Off" your pre footer bar in frontend will be hidden.
  • Date & Time

    • Timezone: your country timezone
    • Date Format: the format of date that you want see in your system(Example: Month/Day/Year or Day.Month.Year)
    • Time Format: 24 or 12 hour format for show times
  • Contact info

    • Email Address: your site email address will display in footer
    • Phone Number: will show top of the homepage
    • Zip Code
    • Address: will show top of the homepage
  • Send mail

    • Email: your site email address (the automaticaly emails will send from this email address)
    • Email protocol: you can set your send emal protocol (SMTP-protocol or mail-protocol)
    • Auto messages: you can set for each language a message for your customer after send a request and a notification emal for site email address. (email messages should be HTML)
  • In this part you can set our social network/media links. They will display on your extra footer.

  • Providers

    • Captcha: you can set captcha on your frontend submition forms or let to set this for providers.
  • Appointment

    • Unique request: if you set this option "Yes" then each email address just can send one request.
    • View Style: with this option you can choose your provider display mode.

2. Languages

As default you have English for your system. You can add more languages in this part.

Please choose your language from the list. If your language isn't exists in list you need to choose "Other" from the list and translate all the CodeIgniter translation file for your language.

  • Flag: the flag of your language
  • Language: CodeIgniter language list.
  • Title: the name that will display.
  • Directory Name: the name
  • Language Code: international 2 letter language codes (example: English = en, German = de)
  • Order: number of order view
  • Direction RTL: if your language direction is right to left like arabic or persian set this field "Yes"
  • Public: Yes = visable in frontend, No = hidden from frontend
  • Default: Yes = the language that is your first system language

After add a new language you can set the translates for languages (for admin side and customer side)

3. Providers

A provider means a web-page in your NodAPS that your customers can see some services send an appointment request to you.

You should have minimum one provider to work your system.

If you use single-owner system, available just your default provider.

For each provider you can choose some manager with 3 different permissions(Admin, Assistant, Staff) from your user list to mange them.

Admin of the providers can choose some manger for own providers and edit own provider details.

Each provider has own "Dashboard", "Services", "Work Times", "Reservations requests", "Holidays", "Extra Fields" and "Booking Button".

4. Services

You should define all services that you present to your customer. You can wright name and description in any language that your customers need.

5. Work Program

Then set a work program for each service. Setting in this part is as timescales. For any timescales must determine service duration and number of customer. (number 0 means unlimited)

For example:

On Monday from 9:00 o'clock until 12:00 and the duration for this service just 30 minutes that in this 30 minuts, 3 person can together in specific thine use this service.

6. Holidays

You can write and add the name and date of this holidays to holiiday's scedule.

It's impossible for customer to catch or reserve an appointment in holidays.

7. Extra fields

As assumption for every appointment request, system want customer to fill in the blanks by following. information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email-Address
  • Phone-Number

If you need more information from your customer, you can add more fields in this section.

Your extra fields can add in 4 type as require or optional:

Type name Value Min and Max
Number The real numbers Numerical interval
Alphanumeric Numbers and characters Length interval
Text Numbers, alphabet, special characters and space Length interval
Textarea It's like "Text" but that show a biger box to customer Length interval
URL Acepte just website's URLs -
Checkbox It will show as checkbox to customer -

8. Members

In this page you can define another accounts to managing the system.

You have 2 different member type:

  • Admin: Access to all part of system.
  • Users: Access to providers that they are in manger list of them. (3 different permission: Admin, Assistant, Staff)

9. Account settings

In this page you can change your account information and your account password.