IMPORTANT: This part is just for who already using the least version of NodAPS.

Generally, there is a folder(called: Update), that you need to replace all files and directories in this folder(Update) with your current project.

  There is three directory to update! You should choose one of them to update your NodAPS that related to your choice.

  1. NodAPS-Update:

    To new version of NodAPS

    Please keep it in your mind, that you have to set all settings again after this update!

    To who already using an Add-On, after this update, the Add-On updates are required!

    The payments structure will change. Please make a backup of your current payments list.

    If you got any problem with update new version, please remove all files and folders and try to install the system again.

  2. Last-version-debug:

    An update for the last version. In this update just fixed for the old version of NodAPS(not going to support anymore) some reported bugs.

    Also, you have to import update.sql in your database(phpMyAdmin).

  3. NodAPS-debug

    This is just the last changes(debug) of the last version. If you have already the last version and you got some issues to try this files to update your booking system(NodAPS).

Please don't forget to "Language->Translation changes" and "Email Messages" after any updates.

Update details

You can find the changelog files here.