NodAPS functions

  1. Installing with a wizard installer
  2. Enter Providers
  3. Enter services
  4. Enter your work schedule (work times)
  5. Enter your holidays
  6. You customers can easily book an appointment time from a calendar and available times list.
    • You and your customers will get a notification email from system.
    • ¬†You can customize all auto emails that will send from system.
  7. You will have a requests list in your admin side. You, your Assistants and your staffs can highlight requests, make a note on them, edit and delete them.
    • Send reminder email in new version is added.
    • You can add unlimited Assistants, Staffs and Admins for mange NodAPS.
    • The NodAPS works on all devices (desktop, tablet & smartphone).
  8. If you have a website and you want to add an appointment system on it, you can use NodAPS calendar widget.
  9. NodAPS calendar widget is the best way to NodAPS to integrate to other websites.