NodPay - Online Payment App

IMPORTANT: This part is just for those who already using the least version of NodPay - Online Payment App.

Because of the update of the Codeigniter source for this version, at first, you need to remove the system directory from your root.

  1. Download the last version of NodPay and extract the zip file.
  2. Open the update directory, select all files and directories, copy, and then replace all files and directories from your clipboard into your project root folder.
  3. Import update.sql to your database. (You can also open this file as a text file and copy the content of this file and add it as SQL-Query to your phpMyAdmin)
  4. Log into the admin side click on languages form sidebar, and then click on the yellow button "[number] translation changes" to upgrade the keys of translations.
  5. Click on Settings->Auto email messages from the sidebar and fill the new auto-replies. If you don't fill auto-replies your NodPay would not send an auto email.

Update details

You can find the changelog files here.